Customer Summary Aging

This Code is İn Customer Summery Aging(105-Report)

Customer - OnPreDataItem()

Currency2.Code := ‘’;
IF Currency.FIND(’-’) THEN
Currency2 := Currency;
UNTIL Currency.NEXT = 0;

but ı cant understand this operation mode :frowning:
how its work ?


Currency2 is a temporary record variable which contains all regular currency codes + Blank (’’)

Yep, TempCurrency instead of Currency2 would have been a more appropriate name for the variable. You can locate the variable in View → Locals or View → Globals and then view its properties to determine if it is temporary or not. It is, though, otherwise that code would error out a lot.

Hey Hakan,

Have you written this code or is this a standard code in the report ?

The Function of this code is to insert the record in the currency code for temp purpose until this report is closed.

This Code is Standart Code İn Aging Report

Thanks For Helps :slight_smile: