Customer Statement Information

I don’t know how to make a correction on our Statement sheet.

We start with ‘Sales and Receivable’ > Documents > Customer Statement .

The field text is “Amount Paid USA $” ; and this needs to be changed to “Amount Paid Urls”

I would appreciate help on how to fix this. Thanks

What is “Urls”? the currency code description? the local currency code?

Our Eurpean clients are confused when they see USA $. They need to see European currency . “USA” needs to be replaced by “Euro” so that the clients know what currency they need to pay. Sorry for the wrong terminology.

But… in which currency are the amounts?

The final question is: what currency has been used when posting the invoices. Have the invoices been issued in USD or in EUR?

If the invoices have been issued in USD, then you should show the amounts in USD also to European customers.

Otherwise you run into the “Currency Adjustment” trap.

Imageine the following situation:

You invoice 1,000 USD to a european customer on the 1st of March. At this time the amount equals 750 EUR (just an example).
Now you print the Customer Statement and your customer really pays 750 EUR at the 15th of April.
At this time the USD amount for these 750 EUR is 950 USD only. What happens to the remaining 50$?

On the other hand when you invoice 1000 USD and also state these 1000USD on the statement, the customer will pay you 1000 - no matter what this amount is in EUR.

Dear Thomas,

Thank you for your response. I apologize for any confusion I am creating. Indeed I understand the above problem that you outline with respects to the exchange rate flucuations. Please note, this is for our European operations. We invoice them in Euros, the statement is generated in Euros and we expect them to pay in Euros. We do NOT want them to pay in USD. There should be NO exchange rate gain or loss. When the statement says Amount Paid US$…this is where the customer is becoming confused, and rightfully so!

On the statement there are 7 fields listed. They are Document, Date, Code, Debits, Credits, Balance and Amount Paid US$. These fields are listed directly under the header. It is the ‘Amount Paid US$’ field that is causing the problem. We need to know how to modify the field from “Amount Paid US$” to “Amount Paid EURO”. I am not sure if this is hard coded into the Navision program or if this is something that we can correct through Object Designer. If we can correct this through Object Designer please note that I have never utilized this function but that I do know that it exists. Somehow I just get this gut feeling that this is where the answer lies, but I simply do not know.

Any assistance you can provide will be deeply appreciated.

Thank you again !!

That now makes perfect sense.

Usually (I mean all around the world - except US/CA version) fields displayed in the “local currency” (LCY) are called “Amount (LCY)” - the captions of these fields in US version is (as far as I remember) changed to “Amount US$” or similar.

Apparently the developers creating the localized US version think (thought) that US$ is the only currency needed and that everybody is using USD as local currency.

Anyway you can change the captions of the fields you are showing in the report (either directly the caption of the field in the table or the caption of the control directly in the report).

Therefore you must take into account that these changes are effecting ALL statements for ALL customers.

One more question I have to ask you:
Your local currency is USD? Meaning that your General Ledger Entries are showing USD value.

The “Original” statement (Report 116) also shows 7 columns but these are : “Posting Date”, “Document No.”, Description, “Due Date” “Original Amount”, “Remaining Amount”, “Balance”.

The “Original Amount” column has the currency code of the entry in front.
The system also “groups” the postings per currency posted to the customers account.

My best guess is that your statement is not the original one but has been heavily modified.
In this case you should ask your Navision partner to assist you.

Thank you Thomas!

I will check out Report 116.

The statement has been modified for sure. I will look for the modified report as well.

Let me see what I can do with the information that you have provided.

Wish me luck!

Thank you !!

If you want, you can send me the report and I will check it out for you.