Customer specific turn time

4.0 SP1

Our company provides a finishing service for many customers and we have a commitment to some customers to turn their product in a set nubmer of days. We added a field in the item card, where we can specify what is the commitment (e.g. 3D) for a specific item. When we receive a sales order, the shipment date is calculated based on turn time. I’d like to know if anyone has any ideas of how to specify turn time in terms of working days. For example, if we get parts on Thursday, our shipment date should be Tuesday (3 working days). Currently the date is calculated as THURSDAY+3D=SUNDAY. Since Sunday is a non-working day, the shipment date calculated to be Monday. This is even a bigger problem when the turn time is longer, because the shipment date is more inaccurate. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do a date calculation that would only count working days? Or at least exclude weekends?


Create an associated calendar. For exempla you can use calendar that you defined in company setup card. Then using codeunit 7600 - Calendar Management. You can get working days and non working days.

Thanks Nuno,

I’m not quite sure this will get me what I need. Customers calendar is the same as our calendar: M-F. I need to calculate days counting only working days. If TODAY+30D is originally calculated to be a month from now, I need a formula that will give me TODAY+6 weeks as the result. (30 working days = 6 weeks). I will look at codeunit 7600 again to see if there are any functions I can use.


If you have any problems using this codeunit tell me. It will paste a simple function that does what you need.