customer specific articles/outsourcing

Hi! my company is currently running 2.6 without manufacturing, and we are rather unhappy about how some processes work, so we’ll switch to 3.7 with manufacturing The problem is: we have got many customer specific products which are manufactured from a small line of standard products (automation/motion control sector). For most of the high-volume customers, production is outsourced to 3rd parties, but we supply our contractors with the basic products. So, first, we need a simple way to do this in manufacturing, in the moment I’d favour using a customization at the work plan level, so that we are able to define that certain steps are supplied by 3rd parties using parts from the step before, and the system automatically generates the necessary documents for the parts supplied (that is, an order with an attached delivery note). Is this a good idea? Anybody here who has experience with a similiar setup and the related problems? regards, stephan

Hi Shuber have you investigated the standard functionality of production BOM’s, coupled with routing, routing link codes and sub-contract work centres to handle this processing?