Customer Sales History Slow/Hangs


My client is running on NAV 4 SP2 .

Customer Sales History is working fine for some customers but for some customers it is taking more time or some times it hangs.

I have checked the Keys & other possible code is this some thing related to Customer No… or some wrong date entries etc…

What needs to be check is there anu bus in this ver…

Please advice

Hi Just Check with Client Monitor for a cuctomer
it’s taking time in this
SQL Statement SELECT * FROM “La Rousse (Live)$Sales Shipment Line” WHERE ((“Sell-to Customer No_”=‘FOLE01’)) AND “Sell-to Customer No_”=‘FOLE01’ AND “Document No_”=‘SSHP-416603’ AND “Line No_”<10000 ORDER BY “Sell-to Customer No_” DESC,“Document No_” DESC,"Line
Elapsed Time (ms) 296703

Very strange why it’s looking for line no.>10000???
for other customers it’s looking for line no. > 10000

Any thing wrong in data??

Please help


did you solve your problem for this? I’m really interested 'cause i am facing the same scenario on NAV 2009