Customer return with disposition "credit only" create a return transaction qty


I create the RMA and then select the disposition code “credit only” then i go to the sales order (type return) and post invoice to create a credit note. Then i view the inventory transaction of that item, it shows that there is quantity return.

So i’m not sure that Is the disposition code “credit only” should not be create an return qty transaction?

Anyone please advice, Thanks

Hi …

Not an answer, but some reassurance … When you create a returns orders, add a line and assign the disposition code ‘credit only’ (It’s the only choice you have here), then this in effect bypasses the item arrival process. It does just that, it credits the value of the item without having the item returned to you, stock holding remains as was.

It does show as a ‘transaction’ (not sales order in the reference) as ‘sold’ with a (-) quantity and a (-) cost amount …it doesn’t increase stock

Did you assign the disposition code at the time of raising the returns order, or did you assign a disposition code at another stage of the returns process?

Sorry I can’t be of more help


Yes, I assign the dispositon code at the stage of raising the return order. Then, I go to post invoice at the sales order, which is created as type return order. After I post invoice, I found that there are the quatity that i created RMA return to stock as “Purchased” and these quatities are able to reserve and sales as normal

Thank you very much for your help


If you want to make a creditnote without having a stock increase, you must go to the sales order => function create creditnote.

By posting the creditnote, you have at the same time an increase (purchase) and a decrease (sold) of your stock, thus the stock stays equal

Hope this way of working helps you


The credit only RMA from the disposition code should work as descibed in the original response. Please retest this and confirm the issue. Perhaps telling is the version and CU would help as well.

Martin (or anyone else),

Why is Credit only the only option for a disposition code on the return order? We have multiple disposition codes setup, but credit only is the only one we can choose.


All other disposition codes required to go through the arrival process.

Once you select the reference as sales order in the arrival journal form, will be able to use the other disposition code in arrival journal

In other words if you make the decision to issue a credit only it means you are making this whilst taking the return, item unseen, and therefore there cannot be a stock interaction - only a credit one. If the stock is actually returning you would not set this as you are pre-judging the arrival and the decision should be made on the assessment of the goods.