Customer Retained Payments - Project management

what is the purpose of customer retained Payment ?

Can we use it for Fixed price projects?


Where are you accessing retain earning payment in project module.


new version of MS dynamic 2012

Navigation : Project ->All Project-> manage → Bill → customer advance

Navigation: Control → customer retained payment


Also, when we create on account invoice, we can enter the retained amount in the invoice line which deducted form invoice amount.

Hi Anas,

The idea is not to pay the vendor the full amount until e.g. all items are delivered.

You can actually setup detailled vendor retention terms.

Example: 10% of the items delivered => retain 50% of the invoice amount, 25% of the items devlivered => retain 10% of the invoice amount, etc.

Check: Project setup - payment retention terms.


Thank you Ludwig

Hi Ludwig,

a) How company will come to know that items are delivered against that project ( Is there any work certificate functionality available in Stanadard AX ) . My question who has to confirm that this much work is completed and do the payment to vendor ?

b) Is this functionality applicable only for Project module or normal accounts payable ( Purchase order also) ?

Thanks and Regards