Customer Remaining Amount <> Original Amount (Customer Ledger Entries)

We have a customer where the “Original Amount” and “Remaining Amount” don’t equal. The correct balance on the customer is the balance in the “original amount”. I was looking at the “Detailed Cust. Ledg Entry” table to see how the invoices & payments were applied in order to make the correction but it’s not straight forward. Is there a simple way to find what invoices were applied to what payments? Is there another table that I should be looking at?

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Original Amount :- This field contains the amount of the original entry. The amount is shown in the currency of the original transaction.

**Remaining Amount :-**This field contains the amount that remains to be applied to before the entry has been completely applied. The amount is shown in the currency of the original transaction. The program calculates the remaining amount automatically when the entry is posted.The remaining amount will be updated by subsequent applications.

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The Original Amount field contains the Document Amount (Invoice amount) and it won’t change in any case. The Remaining Amount field will contain the balance amount after applying payment against the particular invoices. The remaining amount will be 0 when full payment is completed and applied against the invoice

In your query you have mentioned that the “Original Amount” and “Remaining Amount” don’t equal. This means that part of the payment against the document might have been completed and the balance amount is shown.

In any cases if the Remaining Amount field is lesser than the Original Amount this means that entry is already applied against the document.

Follow the steps below in order to view the applied entries made against the payment. I hope this will give you a clear picture

  1. In the Customer Card click on Balance field
  2. Select the payment entry where the document type =”Payment”
  3. Click on Entry Menu button → Applied Entries
  4. System will show the entries applied against the payment in another form

Let us know if you have any queries or need any assistance on how to apply payments against documents.


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Thanks for the information. The other issue we are having is that the balance on the “Aged Account Receivable” report not matching the balance on the Accounts Receivable in the chart of accounts. I don’t know if the problem is one in the same where if the application is screwy it would cause the balance in the chart of accounts not to match the report. Do you have any suggestions on how to determine where my issue could be?



Has anybody passed any direct entry in Chart of Accounts ??

Yes, but the amounts entered directly to the account does not match the difference on the aged accts rec report.

When I checked the applied entries for a particular payment, it was applied against 3 invoices and when I manually did the calculation of the remaining balance it didn’t match what the payment was closed by.

Do you know what else could be causing the problem, we’ve tried unapplying and re applying.

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I’ve tried the various suggestions but none of the solutions have helped. Does anyone else have any ideas?