Customer Reference Requirement

In the field of requirment for the MS Nav implemetation by Microsoft is writted :

“Submit at least three customer references, each featuring the implementation, deployment, customization, or maintenance of Microsoft Dynamics NAV”

Is possibile to use custumer reference in ERP system no in Maintenance of Microsoft NAV to pass this point.


Which version are you using?

4.0 or 5.0 or other?

Nav 5.0

This is a new requirement announced by Microsoft. You have to provide 3 SEPARATE references from customer on implementations EACH year. They cannot be from the same company. This is how it is in the UK anyway from now on but we will wait and see. if they are not on maintenance currently it does not matter if you deployed NAV and they are willing to reference you. Also not sure how this rule applies to “new” partners.


how many Navision implementations have you done? If you have never implemented Navision, then are you seriously planning to start a Navision reseller busines with ZERO experienced staff? If so then you are crazy.

The little I know is about the 4.0 version…


We have never implemented Navision but ERP systems we have implemented and we are very succeed with them. I am asking what is needed and haw long time is needed to to be a reseller, i have the ide but i am asking them that have experience to share.

You need to speak to Microsoft - the original post is true, it is a new requirement, but there are localisations, and of course opening the channel to new partners is critical and this requirement prevents this so there are exceptions - so we are back to the start - talk to Microsoft.


If your back ground are ERP implementations then you should worry too much.

But one thing that has always been different when it comes to Navision (compared to other ERP systems) and that’s the requirements that it’s resellers had to live up to. Much higher. Originally when this setup was created in Denmark by IBM (the single distributor until 1994) then setup was very close to a franchise where the resellers became “IBM Business Centers” and was allowed to sell IBM PC as well as IBM-NAVIGATOR (Navision). Basically it took both management, sales staff, consultants and developers 2-4 weeks of training each, before they where allowed to sell Navision.

So the requirements today are rather low!

But what David is objecting to is that you think that you can do a Navision implementation without having anyone on your team who have tried to do a NAV implementation before. And I do agree on that. You should really get an experienced Navision specialist in on your team as a consultant at least on your first one or two project.

As to the requirements from Microsoft, then they usually have been giving the new resellers 3-6 months to complete the full requirements to become a certified partner. You should really contact your Microsoft account manager and have him explain the whole process to you again.