Customer price must include freight- distort margins and Average Selling Price

I apologize if this has been asked previously, I could not find anything in the forums.

Under normal circumstances, we bill customer freight as a separate line item (using Resources, rather than Item Charges.) The amount billed on the freight line goes to the freight account and the actual item sales line amount goes into an account specifically for revenue from product sales.

I have a prospective customer who requires a “delivered” price for everything they purchase. Is there any way to avoid the seemingly inevitable distortion of profit margins and Average Selling Prices?


If you use Resources, there is no way, as those are not assigned to Item lines as Charge(Items). Why you do not use Charge(Items) - set up Posting Groups for them accordingly and your freight amt will go where needed.

Then you can create additional Report to print out invoices for such customers, that prints out lines with Type=Item only, hiding Charge(Items).

All the calculations for the prices in printed invoice to be correct must be done in this Report. Sales Line doesn’t contain a field where distributed charges are stored, the Report must fetch them from Item Charge assignment (Sales) table.

Contact your Partner to design such Report for you - this is not a complicated task. An additional expense may occur, if you haven’t purchased additional Report objects, but usually user license is bought at the beginning with additional Reports, as practically everyone needs custom reports.