I am customizing a customer payment receipt and I want

the amount figure to show in words on both classic client

and RTC.

Can any one be of help?

Thanks in advance.


It has been discussed many times

please search with amount in words

you can check report 1401 and form 404 for more help

I tried it but it doesn’t work with my own. Don’t know whether I am not understanding what has been written there.

I am actually not too experienced.

Can you show us the code what you have written

if you want to display the “Amount” field (as example) in text format then, create a recordset of 1401 (“Check” Report), then a text variable of maximum length. With this you must also create a recordset of “Gen. Journal Line” (so tht currency matches).

then call this function,

CheckReport.FormatNoText(NUMBERTEXT,ROUND(Amount,0.01,’>’),GenJnlLine.“Currency Code”);

where CheckReport is recordset for “Check” Report and GenJnlLine is for “Gen. Journal Line” .

Please show me how to create a recordset of 1401(“Check Report”) and “Gen. Journal Line”.

I would be very grateful.


Which Version of Navision You are using ?

For defining the recordset Go to

View–> C/AL Globals

Here You define as follows

Name Record Subtype

CheckReport Report Check

GenJnlLine Table Gen. Journal Line

I am using NAV 2009 R2

I have opened the report in question (report 211) in design mode and then to View-> Sections

and finally to View->C/AL Globals. I can see that there is already a GenJnlLine defined as

a record DataType and Subtype Gen. Journal Line. Would this conflict with what you asked me

to do earlier ?

I am not sure why do you have GenJnlLine in Report 211 but in report 211 the amount is shown from “Cust. Ledger Entry”.“Original Amount”

so try

FormatNoText(DescriptionLine,“Cust. Ledger Entry”.“Original Amount”,“Cust. Ledger Entry”.“Currency Code”);

Add DescriptionLine variable from Report 1401

Thanks for your patience with me. But I would like to know

the best place to put this code ?

You can try it by writing in Last Dataitem Integer(Total) OnAfterGetrecord Trigger

I can see that you are a End User but please contact your Partner…

I tried it and it gave me this result:

ZERO AND -4000 for an amount that was supposed to be 40.00

Can you show is the code please…

This is the code I put in the location you suggested


FormatNoText(DescriptionLine,“Cust. Ledger Entry”.“Original Amount”,“Cust. Ledger Entry”.“Currency Code”);

Hi mohana,

I have shown the code. Please I am waiting for your response.


Did you copy InitTextVariable; and FormatNoText functions from Report 1401?

May I know data Type of DescriptionLine and did you set Dimensions for it?

What did you add in Sections?

Well both InitTextVariable and FormatNoText functions are already in the report

and the DescriptionLine data type is a TEXT with length 80.

And what do you have in textbox SourceExpr of sections

did you set Dimensions for DescriptionLine ?

I have a text box in sections with its SourceExpr as DescriptionLine[1]+ ’ ’ +DescriptionLine[2]

and yes I set Dimensions to 2 for DescriptionLine