Customer Payment Limit

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Its possible to declare payment limit for customer

in customer card we r having credit limit option,but this is for customer limit,before crossing this limit it show warning message…like that i need payment limit.

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What is purpose of this Payent Limit for customer? If a customer is willng to pay more, will you not accept the payment?

not like that, customer should pay minimum amt.

if they r paying below that limit should show warning message.

And need to get approval


Minimum amount means what?? Fixed Amount or Based on any calculation???

And then you want to use this field’s data, while accepting payment from customer through Journals or Pre-Payents-- Right?


ther is no calculation.wen customer going to pay payment minimum amt should pay, fixed amt only

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not a pre payment,its a fixed amt.

if they r paying below the fixed amt.should raise warning message. same time need to send a approval request.

any default option is ther…

Dear Palpandi,

If I’m not wrong.

You can use default Pre-payment Functionality. To find the Fix amount, you have to back calculate to find the pre-payment %. Through it you can solve your issue.