Customer Payment Application Report in Navision 2009 SP1


I am trying to make a report in Navision 2009 SP1 called Customer Payment Application report, which would generally gives me the following format

Document No. Document Type Amount Document No. Applied Applied Amount

123456 Payment/Blank 100000 INVOICE-0001 5000

INVOICE-0002 5000

INVOICE-0003 90000

TOTALS 100000 100000

i have been trying to do this since last 4 days but somehow it is not coming along. I have tried to read the customer application codeunit too but not able to come to conclusion.

I would be grateful if someone can help me in this.

Hi Sameer,

It would help if you tell us what you’ve tried so far?

If you’ve been working on it for 4 days, then I’m sure that you’ve archived something? So what is that doesn’t come along? [:)]

Yes 90% the report is coming correct,
But problem is coming when 2 different payment is applied to 1 invoice. In detailed customer ledger entry table 2 payment and one invoice application shows same transaction no.

Same transaction number dosen’t solve my problem because apply customer entry field in detailed cle only carry entry no. of last payment not the first one which is applied.

I know in this whole process i am missing something but what i am missing i have no idea.


Not really sure where the transaction number comes in here? Cannot see how that could be used here.

If the payments customer ledger entry is using “Applies-to ID”, then the payment may be applied against more one invoice. Otherwise the “Applies-to Doc. Type” and “Applies-to Doc. No.” fields are used.

So you basically need to loop the entries twice, with two different filters, to get both type of applications.

Both applied to doc no. and applies to doc id fields are blank. Only filtering transaction number gives details about application. Do we have any place where i can read the logic

The best way to see “the logic” is just to see what happens when you click on applied entries from the customer ledger entries.