Customer paying with a credit card


To me it s not clear what is The Best way to handle the sales invoice when customer pays with a credit card ie. Visa?

What allready exists in LIVE Sys. is a “Visa” as customer - so in my opinion the Sales Header should look like this:

  1. “Sell to Customer” → the Customer
  2. “Bill to Customer” → VISA
  3. “Ship to Name” → the Customer

But when we print the invoice in the Header the VISA adress is printed and on the bottom of the page the Customer adress (“Ship to Adress”) is printed. Our bookkeepr are not satisfied → they say there should be somwhere in the header allso info (Adress) from the customer (“Sell to Customer”)?? How does it work when we set a VISA also as a “Bank Account”?

Thanks, [:)]



You might want to use Payment Method to do this. You can put a balancing account to each Payment Method Code (Bank or G/L)