Customer Overdue balance Not Working

I have noticed, that if you enter a Sales Order from the Customer Card, then Insert (F3), there is no check on the customers Overdue balance. You have to manually enter the customer account to activate the Warning. We are using V2.00 but I have checked this on Attain 3.10 as well with the same results. Sean Brady

Check the Sales & Receivable setup for the option “Credit Warnings”.

The Sales & Receivable Setup up the Option Credit Warnings is “Both Warnings”. The warning works if you enter an order through Sales Orders on the Sales and Receivable Menu but does’nt work if you enter an order from the Customer Card.

The SalesHeader “Bill-to Customer No.” OnValidate() trigger only calls the function CustCheckCreditLimit.SalesHeaderCheck(Rec); based on the conditions: IF (CurrFieldNo <> 0) AND (“Document Type” <= “Document Type”::Invoice) THEN BEGIN When the Sales Order is called from Customer Card CurrFieldNo = 0; You may want to change the conditions regarding the function call.