Customer - Open transaction editing (Customer Settlement) Taking too much time


When we try to settle the customer invoices against payment received in open transaction editing, this process is taking too much time to complete (Customer Details → Select any cusomer → Fuction button → open transaction editing → Mark the respective invoice and Payment → Click on Update)

Please suggest.



Any modifications in the AP area? How long is too long?

Hello, AdamRoue

There is no any modification in AP or AR and Rollup 6 is installed ( Ax 2009 SP1 RU6). It is taking approximately 20 -30 min to settle the 2 -3 entries.


Hi Rahul,

What about other transactions… are they also taking long time?

Have you tried to use the settlement at the time of payment receipt? How much time that process is taking?


Hello Pranav,

Other transactions working fine. It takes normal time to process the settlement at the time of payment receipt.


I would get a developer to look at it and put a trace on it.