Customer loyalty/reward program in Navision 2016

Dear Team, We want to incorporate customer loyalty and reward programs in Navision 2016 for B2B and B2C customers. Please suggest us how we can do this or suggest for a third party program that can integrate with it. with regards,

I have done it at a customer.

What the customer needed was a Bonus calculation of a sale where every product gave a percentage of the unitprice of an item.

Basically we had two ways of implementing it

  1. adding extra fields on Customer Ledger Entries (with the bonus amounts)

  2. Creating a Sales Bonus Table with the amounts.

I ended up doing a Sales Bonus Table because with that I avoided to many changes to the Customer Ledger Entry table. And a Item Supplemental table was created to handle the “rules” of Bonus amounts/percentages.

The bonus amounts that the customers “earned” was posted to G/L until they where used by the customer or “lost” due to age.

Thanks for your reply,

How we can enter financially entry before customers use it is , as this amount is a liability to the company where we should keep that amount and how we do amortization…etc

I added a Expiration Date on the bonus lines.

Made a Batch /Report that reversed the expired lines into G/L.

I also added two new fields in Item Posting Group with G/L Accounts for posting.

But you really need to start with a full description of how it is supposed to work, and how it is supposted to be posted into G/L. Doing the development is not difficult it is the “how is it supposed to work”-part that is difficult.

Thank you, I got the idea to start to work…will come back to you if any challenge.