Customer list slow to populate

We are having an issue with performance, that seems to be limited to certain users.
We have a form that uses the Customer table and from here to populate one of the fields you can choose from a picklist. The picklist opens the Customer table with a single filter turned on to clear out some non-relevant records.
The issue is when the picklist populates for certain users this can take up to a minute just to fill out the details on the picklist screen (often the whole screen freezes up, other times you can see the list slowly populating with details), whereas for other users it happens within a few seconds. I have checked filters and so on and they are all the same between users, so I can’t see a reason as to why this would happen.
Extra system info:
Nav Version - 4.0 SP1
SQL - 2000
Any ideas on where to look for possible issues would be much appreciated.

Does it happen to the “certain” users ALL the time when the call the window? Or just “sometimes”?

It looks like a “bad” (not optimised) key.

…or you may have added many new FlowFields and put them in List…?

Say, summarizing something, looking up something for user to be able see derived data just in List, without opening Card. More fun, when user sets a filter to such field, and almost always they do [:)], because just for this reason such FlowFields are added to standart structure.

We have seen this from time to time for no apparant reason (every now and then even directly after optimisation) and generally we fix it by optimising the table again or rebuilding the index through SQL Server. When was the last time you did any optimisations in the database? As a quick check I would start by optimising the table through a Navision client to see if it makes any difference. If it does and you are on SQL Server, you may want to review your maintenance plans.



Thanks for the suggestions guys. This problem also occurs in a similar fashion in our Test system, so I have tried a number of optimizations in there and this hasn’t noticeably helped at all. So that doesn’t seem to be the problem. And in answer to how often this occurs, for the given users this is a problem all of the time, each time you load the list it takes the roughly between 30 seconds - 1.5 minutes. But still for the other users who seem to have no problems it is between 5-20 seconds.

Also with the other post about flowfields and filters, etc I am not to sure what you are suggesting that I should do? Are you making a suggestion for something to do or are you saying that users may have already set these up and that is causing the problem?

Thanks again

A filter on “heavy-calculating” flowfield which filters out, say 80-90% of (large amount of) records may cause the effect when lines slowly appear one by one.

Different speed for different users here can be caused by their working “habits” - one user (almost) always uses such filtering, thus having slow response, but others avoid them.

I have seen such a situation with Item List - there were about 100`000 Items, and user’s requirement was to add to the List form all possible Quantities - On Stock, On Order etc + Variant Count and so on - a bazillion of FlowFields. We tried to explain that it’ll be a nightmare, but they insisted… and afterwards complained about slow performance.

I have now done a full reindex on the table via sql and that didn’t help.

I also checked all the flowfilters and there isn’t any that are turned on when returning the list for either sets of users.

Thanks again for the continued help.

Thanks again everyone for your suggestions, in the end it turned out to be something quite simple. The issue was the number of columns that people had showing. The “faster” ones had at some stage hidden columns, when I did this on the slower ones (as they had about 18 columns, whereas the other ones only had around 9) it sped the searches and list population up greatly. So thanks again and sorry that I hadn’t check this simple idea earlier.