Customer Labels - Report 110

Hi All

My client wishes to Print Out Report 110 - customer labels - they have tried all major uk suppliers for the sizes that the report offers and no-one supplies these:

36mm70mm (3 columns)
70mm (3 columns)
36mm105mm (2 columns)
105mm (2 columns)

Are there any uk suppliers for these size or it is a case we have to modify the report to whatever label stationery they buy?

Thanks as always


Yes, you can modify it to your size.


In labels market as “unofficial standart” are Avery labels - even other manufacturers sometimes add Avery code to THEIR labels. IMHO size options in R110 are based on some Avery labels, so you should find them in stores.

Standalone reportwriters, e.g. Crystal Reports, offer these preset layouts not by metric dimensions, but already as Avery label codes for you to select. A quick qoogling showed there really are no such EXACT dimensions as in R110 options, but remember, that you can NOT use the space of label to the last millimeter, there should be left some free margins, so you can use labels with slightly bigger dimensions, but matching row/column count on the sheet.

But of course, you can modify the report, too, to match report layout to available labels, not vice versa [:)]