"Customer Invoice Report" Empty

Hi, I’ve problem in standard “Customer Invoice Report” SSRS report where my temporary table getting populated but I’m not able to see that data on the print copy.

I’ve very tiny customization on the report. Still I’m facing this problem. Could any one please help me in this.

please make your table as regular and run the report when you see the values in table and not in VS then that’s means issue is in VS then you have to coentrate only one VS try to alter the design try using a auto design and please check whether the datasource is added correctly or not, deploy and build the project if the vaulues are coming in table and not VS issue lies in VS not in coding when you fix the issue you can change back the table as temptable

Hi Rohit,

I’ve made My temporary table to Regular and I can see the table that has been populated by data.

Also I created a new Auto Design and used that DS and build, Deploy was successful Restarted Both servers . Unfortunately still report not showing the values…

Any ideas Rohit,

Hi Sakthiananth,

Are you able to see the data in ssrs report using Preview design option in Visual Studio?

if yes then delete the SSRS report from the reporting service and redeploy . it might work.

if not then problem may be with Data set of the report?

Hi Vinoth,

Thanks for the reply.

I’m not able to see any data on the “Preview” of the report in VS this applies on Dynamics also.

What I analyzed in this report is the temp table “SalesInvoiceTmp” is not returning the data for the report even the records are there in the table.

Any idea on this vinoth because this totally killing me. Just a curiosity I’m asking this 's an issue related to the SQL server or dynamics ?


check the code in DP class whether returning the Temp Table or not.



Hi Harendra.

Yes It’s returning the table.

can you suggest some thing else… Because I’m just working on this issue from Monday but still no progress…

can u share the code in DP class what u customized over there?

Hey Harendra,

Here’s the code.

I’m sorry that I do not think there’s a problem with the code actually because values are properly getting inserted into the table “SalesInvoiceTmp” but it’s not rendering to the report screen.

1537.return DP.PNG

Any Ideas ?

Reselect the Query on Dataset properties & build the solution give proper parameters then check.

Hi Harendra, Thanks for the reply. I did your suggestions still the same problem persisting(Empty Report Screen). Any more idea Harendra?


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is your SalesInvoiceTmp table type is Regular or temp?

Regular table vinoth.

Hi Vinoth/All. Still you guys could able to get some ideas on solution for this issue you can share with me. I’m still facing the same issue(No data displaying on the report).

Hi , i am also facing same problem. Any one have solutions for the above problem. I have tried restarting both report sever and AOS. In addition i have different designs in report preview compare to AOT(one extra parameter is pop in report menu item (when running a report) but that is not in VS report preview.

Dear Sakthiananth,
I am facing the same issue, ssrs report not showing the data and data already inserted in to table. Kindly explain if you already resolved the issue.