Customer Invoice Discounts

Hello! I don’t think this is possible, but thought I would post something anyway to see if anyone had some good ideas… I have a customer who wants to set up tiered sales invoice discounts. For example, if a customer spends 2k-20k, they would get 10% off, 20k-40k the cust. would get 20% off and so on. Navision seems to only allow one invoice discount per customer. Has anyone worked on a modification to allow to above functionality? Any advice? Thanks! Alyssa

Hi Against the customer you have invoice discounts (as opposed to the line discounts) that set a minimum amount and discount percentage. You can set this up against a customer to do, I think, what you want it to; Min Amount - 2k = 10% Min Amount - 20k = 20% Does this not work for you [?]

Thanks! I made the mistake of displaying the Code column and attempting to identify each line with a different Code. For example $2k with a 10% was line 101 and then I tried to create line 102 for the next tier. I realize now that Navision designates one code per customer grouping for the discounts. Alyssa