Customer Group wise Aging

Dear All,

Would like have aging of Customer Aging by Customer Group

Can anybody help me asap with the code.

Thanks in advance.



Hi Amol,

Having been a member since 2006, then you should know by now that a question with “help me with the code” will get attacked by many of our members right away. The members normally like to help other members who have tried them selves first. And that’s not the only thing. You also write ASAP! Another word not to write. The typical answer here would be “this is not a support pay site, if you want something ASAP, then contact your support partner, or someone you pay to create this solution”.

I’m not going to attack you! But first you should learn to write your questions in a way that will actually get you what you want. So you should start by adding a bit more explanation to your questions. You don’t write if what you’re looking for is a form or a report.

And finally if it’s a report, then you can create many different types of aging reports. Is it a summery report or a detailed report? If it’s a summery report, should it still have the individual customers with that customer group?

My suggestion to you is to take a look at the standard reports in Navision. (Example: Customer - Summary Aging). Find the one which is looking most like what you want. Then try to do your change to this report. If this doesn’t work, then you post your question containing information on what you did and what you want to do.

Then I bet you’ll get help and be looked upon as a developer who knows how to ask for help, and I bet you’ll get it.

Hi Amol,

I don’t have the code for it but if you have specific problem then perhaps I can help you out.

Have a look on Customer Aging report and in that you can do modification like adding one more dataitem “Customer Posting Group” and indent Customer to it and then use GroupHeader and GroupFooters.

Dear Erik,

Sorry for inconvience.



Amol, it’s not an inconvenience. My advise to you was just to help you to get faster and better answers in the future.