Customer doesn't want to cancel a PO after MRP

Hi All, I got a question from my client. We know, normally, Navision will suggest you to modify a PO if the demand is changed. But my customer thinks it’s not reasonable because the goods maybe on the way. He thinks it is not good idea to change existing PO. He wants MRP to create a new line in Planning Worksheet to create a new PO instead of modifying existing PO. I suggest him to skip the MRP result and manually create a new line in Planning Worksheet. But he doesn’t agree to do so I know it’s not easy to change MRP logic in Navision according to this customer’s requirement. Is there any solution for it? Thanks in advance.

Hi wws, I think your customer is right. The solution should be: There is existing a field “Planning flexibility” in the Purchase Line. The default option is “unlimitted”. Set it to “none” and the purchase line will not be changed by the planning worksheet. The best qay is to do this by programming automatically for every new purchase line. Regards, Frank

Hi Frank, Thanks for your great idea! I never notice this field. It looks like there are still many new things in Navision that we need to explore. :slight_smile:

I actually also learned this from a client a couple of weeks ago, and was about to suggest it. When I saw the topic. For so long I was so anoyed at how this worked. It was also great to learn something like this from the client, it just shows that no one knows everything. Thanks JS.