Customer discounts

Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to give specific codes to discounts for customers, so that are easily traceable? I know how to add a discount, so that it appears each time, but it’s a nightmare trying to relate that to the “discount” the customer claims to have… Any suggestions would be greatfully appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi Brigid Unsure on your version but . . . In 3.60 there is a Customer discount group on the customer card - this is supposed to ease the input of offered discounts for the sales lines, so you can set-up 10% and apply it to every customer who receives a 10% discount. If you want the effort you can set these up for individual customers, so for Customer SW001 who receives a 15% discount you could set up a code SW001-15 that applies a 15% discount, although theoretically this could be incorrectly associated on a different customer card. In 2.60 I believe the Invoice discount code field could be used to set-up discounts and the contents of this field defaulted on new records to the customer number, again making it traceable to the customer. As for linking to the rate the customer claims to have, if you set up SW001-15 and they claim to have a 20% discount I am unsure how you will ever resolve the issue [:D].

Thanks a million! :slight_smile:

Hi, back again! Sorry, I’ve just check my version, didn’t think of it before (having a blond day!). I’ve got version 2.5 - is there anything that can be done with it? Here’s hoping…

Hi Brigid The invoice discount field is there in 2.50. You could set up individual ones per customer [:D]

Hi Brigid Just in case I have not made this clear: In 2.50 the Invoice Diso**** Code field against the customer card defaults to the customer number. If the customer was C000028 and you wanted to give this customer 10% discount you could add, for reference purposes the discount figure to the end, so it becomes C000028-10. However your invoice will probably display the % amount in the line section depending upon its set-up. Then from teh customer card you actually have to define the 10%, so from teh sales button select invoice discounts (the header in the blue bar will show you the code) and then you set up a minimum amount, probably zero and then a discount percentage. This is set up in this manner to allow the application of higher discounts for higher value purchases. I hope this all helps.

You are a gem! Thanks a million! :wink: Brigid

Anytime Brigid And as I will be sampling the delights of Dublin this Easter weekend it makes me feel I am giving something before I take the odd guinness away [:D]

Wish I was getting to go to Dublin. Harder from San Diego, California. Would table 19, “Cust. Invoice Disc.” be an appropriate solution for this issue? An extra field for type or description to distinguish would allow Code to remain the customer’s “No.” - but allow customers to have multiple discount options. Of course this would need table and key modifications and might require a little customization of quotes, orders, and invoices. Not sure if European versions of Navision has this table.