Customer Discount Applied by Navision

Here is an interesting one… We have customers that are given terms (2% within 45 days). For whatever reason, the customer was not allowed the discount although the cash was applied within the discount period (I think this is what is happening to cause this problem coming up.). Therefore, Navision is giving the customer the discount and creating a credit on their account. I removed the discount percentage from the table to stop the discount from being posted for future sales orders. The clerk can credit the account manually. However, for older invoices that were posted with the percent in the terms and was paid within terms, the credit that is generated cannot be taken off their statement. When crediting the credit through S&R, the percent will continue to be calculated! How do I removed the credit once and for all? Thanks!

Hi, Navision calculates the discount and put the discount amount in the Customer detail ledger entry at the time of posting.After posting even if you remove the discount % from the table system will calculate the discount. You need to remove the discount Amount also.

I see in the Customer Card ledger entries in the Remaining Amount column the discount amount that should not be there. The amount applied with the cash received and the discount is too much for the invoice by the discount amount. How do I remove the discount amount?

Hi Skolnick If for whatever reason when generating the cash receipt the payment discount is not applicable but you have set the system to calculate the payment discount you can manually alter the discount due date to stop the discount being taken. I am not 100% sure about your question in the last paragraph of your first posting. Are you saying the customer has a credit on account and if you try to correct this you are creating continual credits? I sound confused don’t I [:D]

Hi Steven, Let me back up a little in my inquiry. I think what is going on is the invoice is sent out to the customer. The customer has 45 days to pay for a discount. The clerk receives a check WITHIN THE ALLOWED DISCOUNT DUE DATE but for whatever reason, the discount was not taken by the customer and the invoice was paid in full. Our clerk posts the payment for the full amount due from the customer. The posting report shows the dollars posting in full for the invoice AND a credit due the customer since the invoice was paid within the allowed discount time period. When I issued a credit to remove the discount, the credit took the discount off the customer’s statement, but the credit has a discount now for just the credit! Kinda a Catch 22. For future invoices, I removed the discount percentage and will have the clerk post the customer’s discounts manually with a credit invoice. However, for the current invoices, I need to adjust the credit off the books for payments in full where a credit will not be allowed. (Don’t ask me why a customer does not receive a credit even though the customer paid within terms!!) Does this help?

Been looking at this problem a little more. I want to talk with the clerk a little more before going on with this. Something just does not seem right.

I will galdly leave this in your hands then! [:D]

Hi Skolnick One thing to consider is that in 3.70 they have altered the way payment discount works, and I think from memory there was something in one of the later hotfixes (18?) for 3.60 regarding this. Not sure but it maybe worth checking.

Here is a bit of guess work from the past as we disbaled settlement discounts completely about 2 years ago due to this a range of other problems. I think this works - - enter the cash receipt row in the cash receipts Journal - go to the Apply Entries form - make sure the Pmt. Discount Date and Pmt. Disc. Possible columns are displayed - move to the Pmt. Discount Date column - press F2 and edit the date to be a date before the current date - tab to the Pmt. Disc. Possible column and change the amount to $0.00 When posted like this there will be no settlement discount posted - if my memory is correct ?

Thank you for the info. Talked w/the clerk and we will try without discount percents in the future!