Customer Detailed Aging report criteria

I’m running a customer detailed aging report (Version 3.7) and have noticed that there are entries appearing against a customer as having an outstanding balance. However, when I look on the Customer Ledger Entries table, Open is false and the Remaining Amount is zero. I presumed there is another field controlling whether or not the entry appears on the report until I looked at the balance on the customer card, and the drill down here does not show these invoices as outstanding. Any suggestions why these would appear as outstanding in one place and not another? Thanks in anticipation

Hi Gary You are running the report with a date earlier than a payment applied to an invoice. 1. Check no payments are on the account after today. 2. Run the report with an ending date today. Simple test, apply a payment today, run the report dated yesterday. Your “closed” invoice still appears as you have told it not to look at the payment date, and then you get a difference between the report and the customer card.

Hi Steven, Thanks for getting back with that. Running it with todays date gave the expected results. There was a payment between the ending date (8/4/05) on the prompt, and today. I don’t know why I’d specified 8/4/05 as the ending date in the first place though?!!! Thanks again