Customer Contract pricing not working in 2.60

Since the upgrade to version 2.60 we have been unable to get Customer based Contract pricing to function. It was working correctly in version 2.01. We assign pricing Contracts Sales Type field to Customer Posting Group then assign the appropriate Customer Posting Group on the Customer ledger card. The Sales Order logic does not recognise that a contract exists nor does the Customer Ledger Card, Customer Menu button Contracts entry show any valid Contracts for the customer.

Hello Peter, I am not familiar with the Australian version of Navision, but I expect that there are probably few differences between it and the GB & W1 releases that I am familiar with. It sounds to me that the functionality you are describing is bespoke development or some sort of add-on granule as I do not recognize the functionality you describe. I have looked at standard Navision Financials & standard Navision Manufacturing & cannot find the references you mention to contracts. There is contract functionality in Navision Advanced Distribution & Navision Attain, but I do not believe that it works in the way you describe. It sounds to me like some bespoke work was not carried over from your old 2.01 system during the upgrade. I would therefore suggest that you bring in the NSC that did the upgrade or provided the original non-standard changes to investigate. Alternatively, if you still have a copy of the old 2.01 system & access to the Navision debugger tool, you could set up two identical test situations & run them through see where they deviate. I hope this is of some assistance! :slight_smile:

Edward Thanks for the input. We do use the Advanced Distribution version and it is my understanding that this functionality is part of those extensions. To my knowledge the Australian version only differs in the GST handling which has been added by Navision Australia. Having said that we have seen problems introduced in the past as a result of modification for GST which have caused problems in seeming unrelated areas. I have compared the exact same case in 2.01 to 2.60 and the functionality works as expected in 2.01. In fact over 70% of our sell pricing was done this was in 2.01 thus the time to enter a sales order now is greatly increased. I am reasonably certain that this area was not modified by the local NSC. A simple test to determine if this is the case would be to open a new contract and then see if ‘Customer Pricing Group’ is an available option in the drop down list on ‘Sales Type’ ? If you do not see this option then we have a custom modification from somewhere, if you do see the option then the functionality is standard ?

Hi Peter, The function of Contract prices works correctly in the Australian version. I have tested this with 2.60E Advanced Distribution for a new client. Unless we are on different topics… the process that I have used is to create the contract card with all the relevent details such as customer no, effective dates, contract term, items and prices. Additional discounts - such as quantity can be overlayed. When creating sales orders, the item price defaults to the contract price for that customer. If you have the 'standard" Cronus database you can test the functionality there. Hope that this helps you

Hello Peter & Bill, I have been trying this out on the UK version of Advanced Distribution & can see now what Peter is doing. Following through Peter’s instructions on a clean copy of Cronus, I have found an interesting feature. If you create a Contract with a start date of 25/01/01 (The standard Cronus default date), & then change date to today’s (System date) then the conract specific price comes through to the sales order, but if you do leave the date as 25/01/01, then it does not. Testing out dates, I have found that the first date that does work is 01/03/01 - Bill, is there a date set-up some where that I am unaware of?

Bill, Edward Thanks for the input. I found the problem late yesterday but the NOLUG site was down so I have been unable to list the solution until now. My problem relates to Currency setup. We do not use multi currency thus this area is not set up on our company. During the port of the database to 2.60 all our contracts (header and lines) have been attached to the default currency code (AUD). Since none of our Customer cards have a foreign currency code specified the contract is ruled as invalid as the currency codes do not match. Without investigation I conclude that Navision 2.60 now verifies currency as part of the contract matching rules. Our fix - remove the currency code from the contracts (header and lines). Unfortunately this means delete and re-enter.