Customer collection pool

Hello everyone. I need to copy records from form Customer pool to every company. I don’t really know how to use

this static method. I have in custCollectionsPool2.QueryPacked criteria from my first company but dont know how to use them. Can you help me? Thanks allot.

CustCollectionsTmpCriteria::buildCustCollectionsTmpCriteria(custCollectionsPool2.QueryPacked, custCollectionsTmpCriteria)

This method is used to show the customers related pool based on the QueryPacked field.

Do you want to only copy the customer pools from one company to another?

custCollectionsPool.QueryPacked will store the customer criteria query in a container. Copying this to other companies may not work, unless you have the same data.

You can get the list of the customer by using that field in the query.

query = new Query(custCollectionsPool.QueryPacked);

Hello Kranthi, don’t really know how to do this. I need to copy all records and with all criteria, i tried to assign querypacked from first company to querypacked in other. Values is right, i have this criteria but they i don’t know, don’t load correctly?

What is that criteria value? Can you give an example?

query = new Query(custCollectionsPool.QueryPacked);
custCollectionsPool2.QueryPacked = query.pack();

Already tried to do something like this. I have correct query in queryPacked field but nothing happened with this values

Table: Customer aging snapshot
Field: Disputed transactions balance
Criteria: >0

Use doInsert(), as insert is assigning a default value to QueryPacked.

Already did update after insert but your solution is better, thanks allot for help!!