Customer Bank Details AX V4

Hello All,

I want to use the functionality of AX V4 Direct Debit.

How do I set up the Customer Bank details so I can transfer a flat file to a BACS system.

I’ve done the test. I can do a collection payment run from the Customer - No problem

I can create a direct debit advice - no problem

The only thing I can’t get it to work is the bank details set up. Its not transferring to a flat file with the sort code and account nos.

Obviously I’m doing something wrong. I’ve used the Cust Format 1 as my export format file.

Perhaps someone can shed a light please.

I’ve put Bank Account 1 = should it be 1??? I’ve used 1 in Vendor. Can I use the same in the Customer?

Routing = Sort Code

Bank Account Number = Bank Account Nos - please note its UK Bank

Do I add Type of Account = Bank Account Number ??? - Just looked at the Vendor is set up with Type of Account but not in the Customer.

When I transmit the flat file, I can only see the amount and that’s it. No bank details, Sort Code, Ref and Customer Account Nos?

Please kindly advice.

Many thanks