Customer Balances Due by Sales Order

Sales staff sell items using Sales Orders, which can have 20+ items on them, including Drop Ship, Special Order, Stock Items, and Clearance/Sales.

The Customer Balance issue is mostly related to Special Orders. Very little inventory is stocked, most customers customize furniture/decor and are required to leave a 30-50% deposit for each item on the Sales Order, the delivery fee and taxes.

Sales provides an estimate for product shipment, but the customer delivery is only scheduled upon payment of the balance due on receipt of items on the Sales Order. For example, they might receive 5 items on a 20-item sales order. Now they need to collect that balance due for the 5 items. Curious, if anyone has encountered this before or has any insights to offer on making this work.


Not sure the version you are on have you looked at the Prepayment functionality. Here you can add all the Sales Lines. Create a Prepayment % and apply the prepayment amount to specific Sales Lines. You then will Post the Prepayment Invoice to collect the funds. After Prepayment has been paid, the Sales Order Status will reflect Released and then when you Post Ship & Invoice the remainder will be the AR.

I am attaching a Prepayment Manual so you can see the process.
SteveProcessing: Prepayments.docx…

Thanks for the quick response.
Please re-send the attachment. It doesn’t download.

Step 1: Sales collects the 50% deposit/prepayment when taking the order for 20 items.
Step 2: 5 of the 20 items are received from manufacturers b/c they take 4 weeks to make versus 6, 15, 20 etc weeks for the other items. Sales needs to pull the balances due and call the customers so they can pay balances on items prior to sales being able to schedule delivery. This process will repeat until Sales Order is depleted.

Goal: To make it as easy as possible for sales to provide balance info to customers as shipments arrive so deliveries can be made.



Just learned one other detail.

Their operations guy receives a report from the 3rd party Warehouse listing items per PO that have bee received, which will be released for delivery to customers. At that point, store operations notifies sales staff of items received at Warehouse for customers with the outstanding balances from Sales Orders that they need to collect.


So the ability to collect money only on available Items that can Ship is the requirement and you need visibility to see the Total Dollars of what is about to Ship to tell the Customer what they owe you. I am leaning towards after receiving notice what can be shipped, you enter the Qty, to Ship value and, in BC, you can click Action/Posting/ProForma Invoice which will print what is about to be Shipped and Posted.

Try this.

Thanks for the suggestion, Steve. I will try it and let you know what happens.

BTW: I am still interested in the Prepayment document that you tried to send me but I couldn’t download.