Customer attachment

Dear All,

Is that possible to tag a new customer with an existing customer just to watch sales report of both customers combine.

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Syed Muhammad Akber

Yes you can put filter by using ‘|’ in report filter

e.q C00001|C00002

Thnx amol but basically the issue is different, Customer has change its name and we want to open new customer now the issue is how to attach them to link their data and reporting as well.

You can filter report as amol suggested.

Link the data means ?

Same Ledger entries or what ?

  1. I will suggest is that Create another customer and link it to old customer in Bill to Customer No FIeld


If you have old customer A and now you have open customer B

Open the customer card of Customer B and attach customer A in Bill to customer no .So It will maintain the ledger in old customer only.

This will give you the exact report. from only single customer.