Customer aging report

Hi all,

I have an issue with regard to Customer aging report. in this regard what I have done that

  1. All transactions upto a certain date (Range date) has been taken from custtrans table.

  2. Then I have taken sum of settlementamountmst from Custsettlement where custtrans.recid=custsettlement.transactionrecid.

  3. But it has an issue . In this case it is taking all the transactions settled by payment received after the range date but the vouchers/invoices against which these payments are settled are before the range date.

My question is

  1. am i going correct?

  2. how to avoid the problem mentioned in 3rd step.

Thanks in anticipation.

Why you are using custsettlement table?how are using both the tables - i mean your query

can you once again clearly explain the third point. (the problem may due to the dates-as the invoice and settlement date may not be same)

try this aging built in aging report

Yes done. thanks for your response