Customer aging report order by Account num in ax 2009

Hi All,

Our existing standard CustAging report will run order by Invoice account but i need to run on order by account number.

I checked the existing code but i didn’t see invoice account, please let me know how to do this. Thanks in adv…


see the report query , if it has any sorting defined in the Order by node

On Report dialog

Click Select Button and on Sorting Tab you can select sorting order.

Actually we are giving customer account number only in dialog, but client saying internally it taking order by Invoice account and giving values when customer account number and invoice account is different. but I couldn’t see invoice account in code. while giving ranges also its taking customer account only

thanks for kranthi and sachin , it’s coming order by account number only not invoice account. In my scenario if balance is zero report is not showing customer number and name. It’s solved by commenting if() condition in fetch method.