Customer Aging Balance is not Equal to AR Trail Balance

Dear All,

Is there any way to identify Issue related to Customer Aging Report Balance is not Equal to AR TrailBalance

Note:" Do Not allow the Manual Entry Check Mark is Enabled" for that Particular AR Account

Suggest the Way to find out the Solution



Have you tried to look at the customer reconciliation report in GL?

Yes Kranthi,

Difference is there with the Ledger Balance and Customer Balance

Customer Balance is 173163.56

Ledger Balance is 174251.64

Difference -1088.08



I think manual journal entry posted to the ledger account. To correct this issue reverse the journal entry that was initially posted. or create a new journal to decrease the difference amount.

If the Ledger agrees to the customer balance report, but not the aged balance report, the difference will be due to settlement issues. What you will probably find is that a later invoice has been settled against an earlier payment, and the payment date has been used as the settlement date You will need to reverse the settlement using closed transaction editing, and then re-settle it at the Invoice date. You will then find that the ageing report and the trial balance will agree.