Custome Object Area in End User License( NAV 2009 R2 IN)

Dear Sir,

Please give me answer of my queries.

Is it require to purchase the Granule 7140(Separately) at the time of End User License purchasing ?

Or is it come with the License with free 100 xmlports ?

Apart from this I also want to know about same for the Granule 8600.

Please reply.

Granule 7140 (XML Port designer) is required to run the designer, access C/AL code in XML ports and it includes 100 XML Prot Objects in range 50000-50099.

Granule 8750 (XML Ports 100) gives you additional 100 XML ports objects ONLY, without 7140 you as enduser can NOT create/edit/modify XML ports. However, your Partner company can develop XML ports for you.

The same with granule 8600 (Codeunits 100) - when Partner is developing custom solutions for you, they can make use of these additional CU objects. They have full access to these objects, but you as enduser can only RUN code in those CUs.

End users only want to access the xmlport & Codeunit in the range of 50000 series.

I just want to know what are the Custom Area Object which MS provides without any extra cost in any End User License at the time of license purchasing.

Normally NO custom objects are added to NAV license without buying the corresponding granules, at least in my part of the world.

However, there already was one question earlier about this in forum, maybe in Asia the situation is different.

You can easily check if there are any custom objects included by checking the .TXT file supplementing your license (.FLF) file. That file is in human-readable format in comparison to FLF, which is encrypted. At the end of txt file there may be a block like this:

Custom Area Objects.
Purchased Tables…: 20
Purchased Forms…: 200
Purchased Reports…: 200
Purchased Dataports…: 200
Purchased Codeunits…: 200
Purchased XMLPorts…: 100
Assigned Tables…: 10
Assigned Forms…: 100
Assigned Reports…: 100
Assigned Dataports…: 100
Assigned Codeunits…: 100
Assigned XMLPorts…: 100
Table Data

50,000-50,009 RIMDX


50,000-50,099 RIMDX


50,000-50,099 RIMDX


50,000-50,099 RIMDX


50,000-50,099 RIMDX


50,000-50,099 RIMDX

Please notice that BOTH Purchased {object type & count} and Assigned {object type & count] must be present, followed by actual object IDs assigned. If this block is NOT present, you do not have any custom objects included in license.