Custom OCX for C/FRONT or C/ODBC

hi, I am making my own component using C/Front on visual basic. but every time when i have to modify the component in visual basic i cannot recomple it , it give me error “Permission denied, file is already in use” then i have to restart my computer then i can modify my ocx any idea, how can i modified without restarting the computer thx

Do you test the component from Navision every time you make changes to it? I had the same problem with a automation server component build with Delphi. Closing Navision was sufficient, to be able to compile the component source again after modifications.

i am using the component in ASP pages, i closed everything even Personal web server as well but i have to restart the system every time and even i found this but on navision site as well

The only way I can prevent problems like this is to use 3 computers. 1. My work machine for receiving e-mails and general support 2. A test machine with a backup/restore procedure of under 5 minutes 3. A development machine with a backup/restore procedure of under 1 hour. All of my OCX/DLL development occurs on Machine 3, is tested on machine 2 and is never installed on machine 1. Ah, the joys of programming!

has anybody made any custom ocx using C/Front and would like to share or want to share the experience, i have made it but the problems keeps on going, it never finish. every time a new problem…