Custom field in DIXF

Hi All,

I have added a custom field say Note in standard table VendGroup. How to provide values in that custom field using DMF/DIXF.



You have to extend the out-of-the-box entity for vendor groups. Include the field in the query (DMFVendGroupTargetEntity) and the staging table (DMFVendGroupEntity), implement any custom logic if needed and configure mapping.

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Yes Martin, the field is added in DMFVendGroupEntity and refreshed the Query DMFVendGroupTargetEntity to view the Note field;

Configured by regenerating the Entity mapping for VendGroup Target Entity form. provided the mapping in process group; still I am unable to upload the values. I don’t think the custom logic is needed.

Thanks for the reply.



Please explain why you are unable to upload the values. What exactly are you doing? In which moment it fails? Do you get an error? And so on.

If you don’t give us enough information, we can’t help you.

Hi Martin, I did following setps

  1. added Note field in VendGroup table

  2. added Note field in DMFVendGroupEntity table

  3. In Target entity / Modify target mapping I have mapped staging and target for this custom field.

  4. In Process group created new and did Entities, get Staging data and Copy to target.

till staging I am able to give see the data in staging table; but when I go to vendor group form Its not showing in that table.




What messages do you get from Copy to target? Are other fields set successfully?

For Get staging data : ‘5’ ‘Vendor groups’ record(s) inserted in staging

For Copy data to target: Data written to target ‘Vendor groups’ (‘5’ records created, ‘0’ records updated)

Hi Martin,

its done when I used Excel instead of .txt; But still unable to understand why it is not reading properly form .txt.