Custom field in customer invoice line

Hi All,

I have created a field in Table SalesLine and filling that field on creating Sales Order and i want that on posting the Sales Invoice this Field should be post in the table CustInvoiceTrans Table.

In Ax2009 there was a method (InitFromSalesLine) in methods of table (CustInvoiceTrans) and when we code like (this.FieldName= SalesLine.FieldName), then on posting the Sales Invoice the field automatically pass in the Posted Table (CustInvoiceTrans). But When i am repeating the Same logic in Ax2012 the Field is not updating in Posting Table (CustInvoiceTrans).

Does Anybody help me? Please Reply.



Hi Vijay,

It should work, I hope that you have written the proper code. Try debugging yourself as application is infront of you.

Hi Vijay

Try writing your code in class SalesInvoiceJournalCreate->initCustInvoiceTrans

Hi Kedarnath,

very very thank you, it has been resolved. please let me know how you trace it.

Thanks & Regards

Vijay Raj Nath