Custom column assign for table relation

Hi I have a question regarding assigning column for the table relation.

First of all, I have a custom Table and page where you can set manufacturer, manufacturer brand, and implant size.

Table ManufacturerTable

page ManufacturerPage

I have 3 fields in item card where I want to have each field have table relation with ManufacturerTable

Purpose of doing this is I want to have custom selection where first Manufacturer is selected than show filtered list of Manufacturer Brand which matches to selected manufacturer and when Manufacturer Brand is selected, filter Implant size.

Thank you for your time to read my question.

Can’t you add the Caption to this column No. on the LookupPage itself?

Hi Jong,

To show fields in the drop-down list, then you need to add the fields to the field group DropDown.

        fieldgroup(DropDown; "No.", "First Name", "Last Name", Initials, "Job Title")
        fieldgroup(Brick; "Last Name", "First Name", "Job Title", Image)

The above code is how it is done for the employee table.

As you can see you can also define which fields you like to display when the page is shown as a “Brick” - the rectangular alternative to the regular list view.