Custmize Navigation Pan in RTC depend on Users Roles

Want to Customize Navigation Pane Like

Users are from sales and Marketing than need to see Sales in Navigation Pane

If users from purchase than i need purchase department in navigation pane

like that bur if user is from purchase department than i want to display him only purchse in navigation pane

I dont get it how to customize navigation pane based on users role

Open Menusuite in Design Mode and Right click and select Assign Users …here you can set the permissions…

No I dont want in Classic Client

I want Navigation Pane for RTC client user based and i want to configure same navigation pan for if i have 10 user for sales then i want sales in navigation pane

if i have 5 users for purchase i want purchase in navigation pane

but i do not want purchase people can see sales pane in navigation pane

You have to create Different Role Centers with only sales and Purchases and assign them to users…

Dear Mohana,

I have another doubt then. What can we do for customizing the navigation pane for Departments options other than deleting it. I mean, when we assign different role centers to different users, the department page is being shown and if a user need this Department page and don’t need to view other Business areas than the one which he operates on; what could we do.

For example, User1 is a Marketing Manager and say Department Menu is available on his RTC, then he is able to view all the contents available under Departments category. He could easily access Purchase details, which as a Business Head, I need to block. What is the solution for this scenario without deny his access to Department by deleting it. I am a beginner so I am not well versed with the solutions possible. Please help

You have to create a new Role Center and then assign permission to the user you want.

Thank you for your reply. Is there any option to hide the unwanted menus irrelevant for a user profile. For example, a Bookkeeper role doesn’t have to have a Link to Human Resources on his home page (if the Department link is available in home menu). In this scenario, with Departments Menu is available for a profile, is there any solution to hide the unwanted menus and display only the ones which are relevant to the user’s job ?

Currently, we are getting an error message saying that you don’t have Read permission to this table/functionality. Isn’t it inconvenient sometimes if the user clicks on a menu by mistake. Is there any solutions for hiding the irrelevant items in the menu? ! Then it will be the real scenario of customizing the MenuSuit (Departments) !!

Please share your views and suggestions!!!

No, we cannot hide some menu’s under departments.

we need to remove all departments and create different role centers by adding neccessary menu’s