Custmization For RDLC report

Hi All,

I have very basic question , i have to modifed report purcahse book Vat(16538)for the RTC Navision using RDLC ,

the modification is like this here what ever the feild value either credit or debit (means - or +) system will show only plus

For eg( suppose Tax base amount like this in table

  1. $-5000

  2. $2000

  3. $-1000

than if i run this report than it will show the report like this

  1. $5000

  2. $2000

  3. $1000

i go n check the report than i find that here they use ABS fuction like this ABS(“Tax Base Amount”)

so what ever the -ve that display postive, now remove the ABS function form the front like this “Tax Base Amount” now this showing according to + and - , in classic client ,

Now my problem is that these changes which i have done in report which coming in classic report why not they coming in rtc report. i have done the same thing remove the ABS function from the RDLC reports section also , any idea how to solve this problem.



Whatever changes you have done in Classic report it will surely reflect in RDLC report

I have check the report after removing the ABS function it works properly

From where you have removed ABS function from RDLC report ?? I Have checked that and I haven’t found that

Just check again Have you remove ABS from expression i.e from DataSetFieldName

Hi Amol,

Thanks for the reply i have first remove ABS from the classic report , than
i have remove it from the RDLC datasetfeildName, Here iam attching the image
if its working in ur system can you send it to me , so that i can
also check.

Shailesh5635.123.xlsx (193 KB)

You should not remove it from datasetfieldname. Kindly restore the original report and do the changes again and see the result.

ok amol i will restore the previous object , and then i will remove the ABS function only form the classic report save the report and then that will refelect in RTC also as you said.

hi amol,

i have done what you have recommend but output is same, if you have object of this modification can you give it me . show that i can what exactly iam missing.