Hi all,

I have to display an extra field at the end of aging line in CUSTAGING REPORT. Im tried in the report but it gets displayed at the centre of the report. I have checked the class CUSTVENDBALANCELIST . Your help is really appreciated.


i can’t help you because i don’t know what exactly do you want to make.

but if you want to add some extra field you just need to customize the report, if that field not shown like you expected try to change properties from that field, and sometimes its need some logic programming to show it on the place that you want.

I have to display and extra field in the custagingreport. This field should be the last field on the line. I have added the filed and data is been displayed correctley in the field. Problem is the field doesnt display at the end of the line. It displays in the middle of the page. Even though i have my field is the last field of the section, also i could see that its the last field on the report at design time. when i run the report the field gets displayed in the middle of the page.

I hope you understand my problem, cause its giving me headuques now.