Cust. Ledger Entry table permissions

Hello, we are using 3.7a with SQL Database. We have code to modify a field we added to the Cust. Ledger Entry table from a codeunit in the 50000 range. This works fine with my developers license, but gives a permissions error when using the customer’s license. Is this a permissions error or a license issue? Thanks.

Hello Brian, You need to give the codeunit the necessary permission to change this security protected table. Developer licences let you change this information, but most end user ones do not. This is to prevent fraud or users trying to “fix” errors directly instead of performing a reverse posting. To give the codeunit the permissions it needs, you need to load your licence, design the codeunit and then go View → Properties. There is a property called Permissions. you need to drill down into this field and assign the permissions. When this is saved, you can then test it with the client licence and it should work…

In your (?) codeunit you have to assign permission(s) for table 21.

Thanks for the quick replies, it worked perfectly

Or,… Consider adding your modification code to the standard Navision codeunit used to ‘edit’ Cust. Ledg. Entries (Codeunit 103 - “Cust. Entry-Edit”) – it already has the permissions.