cust.ledger entry table is empty error why

When i go to general journal then make payment to customer then register one entry then make post

it give me error message " cust.ledger entry table is empty " error why and how i solve this proplem


Activate debugger and check where it is throwing error …

this link above has problem and debugger active to proplem

i try to know what is the problem but i don’t know

I think the entry you have applied to payment entry is not correct .

Check applied entries.

Thanks for reply how is it not correct .How i check and what is not correct


What is the meaning of not correct can you tell me by details what i check and how i solve this problem if possible



What Amol is say is that he thinks you applied a wrong entry.

Are you sure that this issue is to related to your other question, where you had deleted the cust. ledger entry?

Because then you know the answer to why the table is empty!!

thank you for reply can you told me what is the meaning of wrong entry please if possible

my item ledger entry table is not empty and does not related to the problem before of delete one entry

from item ledger entry

Hi Ahmed,

Cannot tell you why and I’m not going to open your link to mediafire as this site is reported to cause virus (from it’s popup advertising).

Could you please attach or insert the pictures directly into your post?

I attached but not clear

4212.pic1.bmp (2.25 MB)

Well this doesn’t really say anything. You have to step into the code and see exactly where the error occurs and what filters have been applied to the table. So you have to order to do that, then you have to set a breakpoint in the function which gives you the error (UpdateBalance I assume). Then you can step over the lines line by line and see what happens BEFORE you get the error.

5582.a3.bmp (2.25 MB)

picture for debugger and applies entries