cust.ledger entry already exitsts problem

hai all ,

When i post the sales journals i got the error.

“cust.ledger entry entry no. 1583271 already exists”

Please give the solution for this problem

Undo the changes that were made to the posting routines


A posting must have been done using the doument number generated from the number series on the sales journal line try and raise another sales journal line or check your posting routine.


No no no… the ledger’s entry numbers don’t come from the numbering series.


I’m having the exact same problem. While trying to post (ship & invoice) a Sales Order so we can invoice, I get the message Cust. Ledger Entry already exists. Entry No. 314696. I then went into the Customer Ledger Table and reviewed entry number 314696. It is there as an earlier entry that is related to a totally different customer on a totally different day. What could be causing this? Thanks