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On entry of any details in the “Lines”, the cursor should move to the next “input” available column to the right. If no available “Input” columns to the right, then advance to the next row, next input capable column from serial number control of picking registration line grid.How to achieve this.

Not very much clear. May be you can explain with an example.
You can use control.skip(true). setFocus() depending on the situations .

In Picking list registration form line details, i have a field like a serial number in line grid as 8 col when i enter “enter key”.I want to check after 8th col is there any field with value,if the field and value exist then cursor move to next column else it should me to next row 8th col. How to achieve this.

someone help me .How to check after “serial number” col is there any col is exist or not using x++ code.

You can skip the controls by checking the values in active method (control.skip()).

okkk.How can i check next col is present or not after serial number col in grid

Do you know the fields that are present after the serial number? Are they bound fields?
If so you can get the value. control1.skip(Table.field1 != ‘’); (depending on type check the value)

Yes i know the field after the serial number,“ship date” and lot id is present after the “Serial number column”.How can i check field is bounded fields or unbounded fields.are u saying about string data type.

Bound - if the control is a table/data source field (not a display or edit method).

Thank you I will try and update soon


little bit scenario has been changed can you give the suggestion to achieve the below scenario.

Initially cursor should stay in “Seraialnumber”(8thcol) field ,whenever i enter “enter” key,I want to check after serial number is there any column,if so then cursor move to next available col or else it should move to next row serial col(8th col).

someone help to achieve this scenario

Can you post a screen shot? Don’t you know if there are any columns after the serial number (are they dynamically added)?


col is exist but while pressing enter key in “Serial Number” field ,how to check that any col is exist after “Serial Number” in grid or not with code.

If the number of columns are fixed in the design, then you can just skip them by setting the Skip property to Yes on those fields.

If i set the skip property to yes then cursor wont move to next col of “Serial Number” when enter key is pressed .scenario is if next col is present after "Serial Number " then cursor should moved next available column else it should move to “Serial Number” col of next row.

Override lostFocus method on serial number form control. Write the below code after super()
if (yourtable_ds.getPosition() != yourtable_ds.numberOfRowsLoaded()) // replace yourTable_ds with actual form data source


someone help me

What else you are looking for? Have you tried the code?

Yes i tried code it moving to next row of the grid.but i want like a whenever enter key is pressed on the “serial number” field then cursor move to next editable adjusted col if editable adjust col is not there then cursor come to the next row of the “Serial Number” col.all this things will be happens only “Enter” key is pressed.