cursor is not moving in a form grid


i have created a form and i am calling that form as a lookup from another form control. up to here it is fine. when i clicked on the lookup button the form which i have crteated is displaying as lookup but the cursor is not moving and the focus in remains same on the first record.

In lookup form i have two datasorces CUstTransOpen and Cust Trans. CustTransOpen is the master datasource and custtrans is the child datasource. i have given Linkteype as innerjoin of CustTransOpen datasouce properties.from the CustTransOpen table we are fecthing AccountNum,AmountCur , from CustTrans we are fetching InvoiceId and Voucher.

Please help me to get out of this…:slight_smile:


Check the data source of the grid control. It should be master table.


hi arun thanks for your reply.

i solved this problem.beforethat, i joined the child datasource table in the master datasource table thats what cursor is not moving. now i joined master datasource table in child datasource table with innnerjoin link type. now it is working fine…