currreport.pageno shows 0 (zero) on every page

NAVISION FINANCIALS IT2.60B I have a report with the following structure: smth.header -interi (loop-copy) --interi (loop-page) —smth.lines I havent made this report from scratch, but it was copied from a verticalisation (are they called so?, ids>5.000.000), also other reports from this verticalisation give me the same problem: they show 0 (zero) as pageno (textbox with source=CurrReport.PAGENO) also if i move the textbox with the pageno in every other section on the report (headers, bodies of all the 4 dataitems). Can anyone help me? thanks ?

CurrReport.PAGENO is calculated automatically, but can be set manually (from code, that is). Does your code contain any assignments, CLEARs or CLEARALLs that set CurrReport.PAGENO? Kind regards, Jan Hoek Weha Automatisering BV Woerden - The Netherlands

Check on the copyloop dataitem or on the page one for a CurrReport.PageNo := 0; It will probably be on the Copyloop dataitem’s body or on the page dataitem’s predataitem, as when using a copyloop is something common to reset the page number for each copy, so you’ll have copy 1 with pages 1,2,3 and copy 2 with pages 1,2,3 and not copy 2 with pages 4,5,6. Regards Alfonso Pertierra (Spain)

you were right- thank you ?