Currform.update after calling dataport


Please any one help me on this. Am updating prodcution BOM line using dataport. so i have created the dataport and am calling the data port from production BOM form. the records are updated in production BOM Line. but Production Bom subform not updated or refresh. i tried writing the following code in production bom Custom button


Currform.“name of the subform”.FORM.update;

then i figure out that

before running the dataport it tries to update the form. how to avoid this please help me.


Shyam Kumar

Not quite sure what your problem is.

Typically is enough just to put a Currform.UPDATE after calling the dataport. Does it update correctly if you leave the BOM and open it again?

Hi erik,

Thanks for your reply, when you call the dataport first the request form from dataport opens at that time itself the second line command that is currform.update function updates. so i need after finishing the process of dataport the currform should update. please help on this.


Shyam Kumar

Then use RUNMODAL command instead of RUN while running Dataport.

Hi mohana,

It works [:D], Thanks you very much…



in Onpush trigger of button works fine.

Thank again,

shyam kumar N