"Current" operations form in porudction

Dear all;

Can any one explain the usage of the “Current operations” form in the production module and if it has an effect on the ended production orders?

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Form navigation: Production control–> Common → Current operations

It is a list of open operations against production orders. An ended production order would not show in this list because it is ended meaning there will be no outstanding operations (theoretically).

Many thanks for reply , but in my case I have operations for in this form for ended production order ?? is there a paremeter or something at the production order transactions that close the open transactions???

Many thanks

Yes there is an end flag on each operation - depending upon how you post the route card journal.

Thanks AdamRoue, but if I don’t close operations during route card journal posting , can this affect the production cycle??

The system would believe there is more remaining, you would need to accept the error on the RAF process. Ultimately if you have posted it the costs are correct, the additional impact is in screens like the open operations, but true impact on the production cycle is zero, unless you ignore errors and actually have not posted any time, then there are cost implications etc.